Former VP of Business Affairs and Director of R&D Stephen W. Dewar setting up the first test of a tubercled turbine at WEICAN, PEI, Canada.

WhalePower Corporation is a Canadian company established in Toronto in 2005 to create energy efficient rotating devices for a myriad of different applications. WhalePower Corporation has patented and developed Tubercle Technology, applying it first to a small turbine and then to large scale HVLS fans. WhalePower has since developed for clients a new kind of cooling tower fan, a diesel engine cooling fan, a new fan small enough to cool computer graphic cards which is better than the best available on the market. WhalePower currently licenses the right to use tubercles on rotating devices to others who wish to test, develop, manufacture and sell such machines. Many uses, from marine thrusters to low flow hydro generation, to pumps, compressors, and mixers, await exploitation.

WhalePower is a virtual intellectual property company, employing the skills of leaders in several fields, from complex fabrication to computational fluid dynamics, as required. It is led by President Frank E. Fish.