WhalePower Corporation is pleased to announce that its revolutionary blade design has advanced to the finals in the prestigious biannual INDEX international design competition. INDEX, of Copenhagen, Denmark offers a 100,000 Euro prize in each of five categories. INDEX has selected WhalePower’s Tubercle Technology, inspired by the bumps on humpback whale flippers, and retrofitted onto a wind turbine‘s blades, to compete in its Community category.

Tubercled blades have been shown to increase annual electrical production by 20% while greatly reducing noise. The same design is applicable to fans, pumps and compressors and is a great advance both in the conservation and the production of electricity from renewable sources. Finalists’ design models will be on permanent display in Copenhagen, and travel in a touring show through Asia and Europe. Winners will be announced at the end of August, 2009.

For more information on INDEX please click here.

For more information on WhalePower’s finalist status in the INDEX: 2009 Awards please click here.

SI Exif INDEX_award_finalist_09_BLK[1](1)


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